Do you work at a tech company in Indiana, or know someone who does? Maybe you are curious about the different types of tech companies in our region and how they make an impact nationwide. Take our 10-question multiple choice Indy Tech Quiz to quickly find out how much you know (or don’t know) about our emerging tech hub.

As the nonprofit growth initiative for Indiana’s technology ecosystem, our goal is simple — to increase everyone’s knowledge and understanding of what Indy tech is all about and encourage them to become ambassadors for our tech community.  Each question is designed to offer you facts and statistics about funding and venture capital, jobs in tech, lifestyle advantages, and TechPoint’s purpose and mission.

Interactive games and quizzes have been utilized by national brands to engage their current and prospective audiences in a way that is meaningful and provides value to the user. TechPoint partnered with PERQ, an engagement technology company located in Indianapolis that provides solutions to connect consumers with brands, to create the 10-question multiple choice quiz.

PERQ specializes in increasing conversion of existing website traffic. Their FATWIN Web Engagement technology replaces static lead forms with interactive experiences that engage visitors through quizzes, assessments, calculators, trivia, special offer unlocks, and promotions.  Local tech startup organization Verge utilized PERQ’s platform to develop a “What kind of entrepreneur are you” quiz, along with PERQ’s other clients such as Grammercy Apartments and Cort Furniture.

Scott Hill_CIRCLE

Scott HillCo-Founder and Executive Chairman, PERQ

“In all likelihood, your website already functions fairly well at presenting services and products. But how good is it at providing a two-way flow of communication between your brand and website visitors? Interactive content delivers a highly engaging, and meaningful, experience that meets the needs of your visitors while providing more value, and leads, to you than a simple “contact us” button or static form” said Scott Hill.

PERQ received a Marketing Tech Award for its FATWIN web engagement technology at the 15th annual TechPoint Mira Awards Gala in 2014.

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