In recent years, Indianapolis has added impressive achievements to its success story. Indy is often celebrated as a place where opportunity and affordability meet. It’s one of the best cities for women in tech, one of the best places to start a career, and one of the best markets for first-time homeowners. The presences of global-scale tech firms like Salesforce and Infosys have helped elevate Indy to one of the best tech cities in the U.S., with a community that added 3,400 tech jobs last year. Long story short, we’ve earned our bragging rights. 

But here’s where Indy faces a challenge: a global talent shortage means that there are hundreds of open jobs in Indy tech companies, but not enough people with the skills needed to fill them. Indy’s tech companies are not only looking for coders, but also for mid and senior level talent that can contribute to the ecosystem in the fields of marketing, design, finance, customer success and more. 

How can you help solve this challenge?

We bet you know at least one person who left Indiana thinking they had to go somewhere else to have a great tech career. They might even have one now. But can they afford to live well in their adopted city? Do they have a long commute? Do they know their neighbors and have a sense of community?

Anyone who is looking to build a successful career in tech, without the high cost of living, belongs in Indianapolis. If you know somebody who’d be perfect for our incredibly supportive, affordable, and rapidly growing tech community, invite them to apply for our Red Carpet Experience.

We’re rolling out the red carpet for 25 individuals in October. They (and their +1s) will get to experience Indy for themselves at a whirlwind weekend event. From unique networking experiences and meetings with potential employers to a series of events showcasing the recreational, entertainment and other quality-of-life benefits in Indiana, they will be able to envision what life in Indy looks like for them.

Indianapolis is coming together to spread the word and welcome tech talent into the city. Help us roll out the red carpet: encourage your friends to apply for the Red Carpet Weekend, and tell them to hurry: applications close July 15!

For access to a prepared email you can send to your nominees, please follow this link.