RepuCare Onsite, a, Indianapolis-based health and wellness company that also operates onsite health clinics for employers, announced yesterday that they bought Spectrum Health Services, a company that provides complementary services and also operates clinics. The interesting tech connection, says deal advisor Brian Modiano, is that combining Spectrum's 17 years of data with RepuCare's 18 years of data and their innovative approach to analytics, gives the merged company a competitive advantage.

Application of even more robust data analytics allows RepuCare to focus and customize health and wellness programs targeting specific high-risk employees and conditions that will account for the majority of an employer’s future medical costs.

Instead of just trying to provide health care services at a lower cost, RepuCare is using an innovative data and technology approach to try and prevent the need for those high-risk health services in the first place. The enhanced data analytic capabilities gleaned from Spectrum's client base that includes hospital systems, school corporations, manufacturing, service providers and municipalities, will reduce health care costs and boost ROI for the company's employer clients.

This announcement is further demonstration that more and more companies are tech companies in addition to being whatever kind of company they are in their own vertical market.

I mentioned this last week in a story about Eli Lilly and Company becoming a TechPoint Pillar Partner and investing in Indiana tech growth and talent attraction. Lilly is one of the largest employers of highly skilled computer-related workers in the state with over 800 Information Technology professionals.

Regardless of whether or not your company is thought of as a traditional tech company, your future success is very likely dependent upon the success of programs like IndyX, which is addressing the need for more software developers and other computer-related workers in Indiana. Read the TechPoint Workforce Report: Employment Trends and the Demand for Computer-Related Talent in Central Indiana for more information.


RepuCare OnSite, a worksite health and wellness provider, has acquired comprehensive wellness provider Spectrum Health Systems. The combined entity will offer a broad scope of adaptable employer health and wellness solutions customizable for employers of any size and industry.

Spectrum Health Systems, founded in 1997 by Sally Stephens and Johan Gormal, provides employers both throughout Indiana and nationally with high-touch wellness and health risk management solutions including several wellness clinics. Its client base includes hospital systems, school corporations, manufacturing, service providers and municipalities.

"Our acquisition of Spectrum Health Systems expands our employer health service offering, enables us to offer a continuum of comprehensive wellness and clinic services, and positions the company as the leading worksite health provider in Indiana offering wellness capabilities with proven health outcomes," said Gerry Erb, CEO of RepuCare OnSite. "Chronic conditions account for 75% of healthcare costs today and effective wellness programs that mitigate unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and risk factors are the only solution to bending the healthcare cost curve. We also gain access to a talented team of wellness professionals that have helped members improve their health and employers to contain their healthcare costs."  CONTINUE READING the press release on Inside Indiana Business.