If you missed Shark Tank on ABC this past Friday, then you missed seeing Indy-based visual email application Attlo get a quick 45 second pitch as part of the Forus Athletics Brand presentation.

Arsene Millogo and Joel Vinocour, two of the owners of Forus, explained that they are also part of Attlo, which was originally developed as a better way to help promote their products via email.

Attlo has since become its own separate project, and is now lead by co-founders Matt Durr and Mark-Ethan Jermain.




Attlo is working to radically improve email for everyone by adding images to the subject lines and allowing you to save time and hassle by giving you better access to the most relevant emails faster.

ATTLO is about giving more power to the email user by forcing marketers to put their relevant content directly in the subject line, instead of using that space to tease a customer into opening their email.

Enabling images in the subject line means a faster skim of your inbox and an easier decision on whether an email is worth your time and attention.

One Shark Tank viewer from New Jersey, Nicole Ivanitski-Wight, had this to say on the Attlo Facebook page following the airing of the show that mentioned Attlo. “If you would have just gone in with this one, I would have thrown my money at you! This is a GREAT idea!”

The Shark Tank demo showcased a web mail prototype designed to illustrate the visual power of this email enhancement. Since then, the current version of the product was developed to work directly in your Google Chrome web browser, so any Gmail, Yahoo, or Google Apps email user can immediately have the ability to send emails with images in the subject line.

Here’s a GIF sample of how Attlo works:



If you want to see the brief mention, you can watch the Shark Tank episode here, and the Attlo mention begins at time code 36:50.

Attlo is currently available as an extension for the Google Chrome web browser with Gmail, Google Apps and Yahoo mail, with the intent to expand to other email providers and web browsers in the near term.

Many exciting features are planned, including: the ability for a verified, reputable business to use their professional logo in the sender line; ability for a consumer to passively or actively rank and rate a marketer’s content; analytics to improve the customer-marketer relationship; integrations with other platforms, and much more.

You can learn more about Attlo from their website and download Attlo right from their front page.