As Indiana’s tech community continues to grow and mature, it’s getting harder and harder to narrow down the winners for our annual Tech 25 Awards program. Clearly there is a wealth of tech talent in the Hoosier state, and they are making incredible moves. Join us in celebrating the Tech 25 class of 2020 through this profile series and learn a bit more about each winner.

Brennan is an empathetic, process-oriented, and results-driven leader. Since studying Marketing & Finance at Butler, he has brought tremendous value to DemandJump and the Indy tech community. In addition to creating and leading multiple professional meetups in Indianapolis (Indy Customer Success & SmartUps, respectively), he has been integral to the success of DemandJump’s Customer Success & Sales organizations. As one of DemandJump’s first employees, Brennan developed the first iteration of the company’s CS strategy and has trained every member of the team since. He currently fills the role of Director of Digital Strategy & Solution Consultant and now runs every demo to Fortune 250 companies. 

What led you to get into tech and this occupation? What was your first job in tech?

My first job in tech was interning under Shawn Schwegman at an email app company my senior year of college. After experiencing the collaborative, fast-paced nature of that environment I knew I wanted to stay in tech from that point on. I then went on to intern at DeveloperTown which gave me more positive reinforcement that I wanted to stay in tech. My final internship in college was actually at DemandJump. I got a call from Shawn saying he was starting something new and he wanted to know if I wanted to join. From March 2015 to now, I’ve been working with Shawn and Toph and I’m still extremely happy with my decision. 

When you think of a day in your life, what are the main work activities you do or responsibilities you have?

My main responsibility is demoing our platform for potential prospects and outlining the value we can provide to them. My day-to-day job is getting data prepped and identifying stories that would resonate with them. In addition, I create collateral and train our sales reps to better understand the white space we are filling in the market. This allows them to better communicate with prospects in first calls and cold outreach. Finally, I also support our product and R&D team in identifying new features we should release and how we can continue to optimize our platform based on prospect feedback.

Which resources would you recommend to those who want to learn more or advance their skills?

Books that I have found to improve my ability to succeed in the workplace and communicate with others are: 

Other resources I enjoy are eMarketer and Marketing Land

Brennan Walker is a Tech 25 winner who is helping to grow and improve the tech landscape of Indiana. He was nominated by his CEO & Co-Founder, Christopher Day. 

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