As Indiana’s tech community continues to grow and mature, it’s getting harder and harder to narrow down the winners for our annual Tech 25 Awards program. There is a wealth of tech talent in the Hoosier state, and they are making incredible moves. Join us in celebrating the Tech 25 class of 2021 through this profile series and learn a bit more about each winner.

Katie Baird is a proud graduate of Butler University and currently serves as a Content Marketing Specialist at Codelicious. Katie was the fourth member of the Codelicious team. As a hard-working, growth-minded marketer, she’s known by her team as an embodiment of the Codelicious culture. 

Outside of the office, Katie serves as a mentor for high school women as they prepare for college and careers. She’s a novice drummer, an avid runner, and a University of Michigan basketball fan.

What led you to the tech industry and this occupation? What was your first job in tech?

I was immediately drawn to the growing and thriving tech industry in Indianapolis. I started my career in college with internships at large corporations. While these were great experiences, I felt called to the startup life. 

My first job in the Indianapolis startup community was at SupplyKick, an Amazon seller consulting group. From there, I was hooked. When I was introduced to Codelicious, I felt drawn to the mission to empower teachers and inspire students. My mom was a middle school teacher, and I’ve seen the impact one teacher could have on students. 

In my current role, I get to contribute to that impact at scale while exploring many different facets of marketing. That is what I love about the tech industry; the opportunity to marry your passion and skills.

When you think of a day in your life, what are the main work activities you do or responsibilities you have?

I currently serve a small marketing team of three people, so I help with many facets of the organization. Each day looks wildly different, and that’s how I like it! 

As a writer, I most enjoy my responsibilities that involve strategy and storytelling. I manage Codelicious social media accounts, blog posts, website SEO, trade shows, video scripting, webinars, and our Confidence Builders interview series.

What resources would you recommend to those who want to learn more or advance their skills in this occupation?

A resource that made a huge impact on me this year is StoryBrand. This messaging framework completely simplified how I write anything related to Codelicious; I think it would be advantageous for any marketer. 

Second, as someone who conducts interviews, I’m an avid podcast listener. Although not marketing-related, I draw inspiration from the Zane Lowe Interview Series and Gimlet’s Heavyweight. These two shows have shaped the way I want to approach conversational flow and storytelling. 

Finally, I recommend finding mentors in your area of interest. At Codelicious, our marketing leaders, Josh Miles and Sena Hineline. have been generous with their time and sharing their experiences.

Katie Baird is a Tech 25 winner who is helping to grow and improve the tech landscape of Indiana. She was nominated by her Co-Founder and CEO, Christine McDonnell. 

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