Most companies say they hire talent based on two criteria: culture fit and skills. Employee learning-software firm follows that model, but their team brings a whole new definition to what it means to hire “tech talent” or to have a “talented workforce.”

[subscribe_box action_text=”subscribe” description=”Get the latest Tech News” btn_text=”SUBMIT”]’s director of marketing, Mitch Causey, explains the company’s culture, “If you’re the best salesperson in the world, but you’re a jerk, you’re not going to work at Period. We look for people with humility, tenacity, a hunger for life and learning, a bit less risk-aversion than the average person, and, of course a healthy relationship with laughter.”

The result is an award winning company ( was awarded the 2015 Mira Award for Tech Startup of the Year) and a team with diverse interests and skills outside of the office.

Scott Cook, Sales Development Representative
Coached a young climber to a top 10 ranking in bouldering at the 2015 ABS Nationals rock climbing competition.

Karlie Briggs, Client Experience Manager
Starting a new line of yoga-inspired apparel, called Indigo, scheduled to launch in 2016.

Ryan Caven, Account Executive
Has gained more than 33,000 followers on Instagram @ryancaven with his mesmerizing images, which at one time earned him a free car from Honda for a month.

JesseG Clothing TeamFrom clothing lines and climbing competitions to winning cars and dropping albums.

Riley Rapp, Marketing Intern
Runs a socially-conscious clothing brand called Jesse G. Clothing that has been able to donate over $8,000 in tangible goods and funding for a library project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Max Yoder, CEO
Set to release his second album on vinyl and Spotify soon. The four-song EP was recorded’s schoolhouse office space.

Mitch Causey, Director of Marketing
Recently started a digital marketing university called Cornerstone Interactive, which currently has more than 400 virtual students.

Jordan Burt, Sales Development Representative
Balances his professional soccer career with the Colorado Springs Switchbacks and a part time sales role with

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