Indy Tech Fellows like Tylor Garrett know that mobile is the future of technology. With a strong focus on Android development, Tylor’s position as a software engineer at Angie’s List is engaging his problem solving skills to a new level.

Tylor is an Indianapolis native with family roots in the tech industry. His father’s career in information technology sparked Tylor’s interest in computers at a young age. Teaching himself the basics of computer science in high school, he made his first website for a nonprofit organization in 10th grade. He enrolled at Purdue University in 2011, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science to complement his natural aptitude for building.

In college, Tylor was involved in extracurriculars that supported his professional goal of becoming a software engineer after graduation. He served as the Vice President of SigApp (Special Interest Group for Applied Computing), and had a focus in Android development. To Tylor, mobile technology was the future, and he wanted to be a part of building it. Tylor found TechPoint his junior year at Purdue and immediately applied for the Xtern program.

An Indy marketing firm called PERQ hired Tylor as a web development Xtern through the program, where he worked for ten weeks in the summer of 2015. Living and working in downtown Indy with fellow tech students, Tylor gained a new perspective on his hometown.

“Indianapolis is a city with a deep dedication to advancing technology,” Tylor said. I knew after Xtern that it was the city where I would be starting my post-grad career.”

Tylor Garrett

Tylor graduated one semester early in 2015 and joined the newly-announced, two-year Indy Tech Fellowship directly afterwards. Drawn by the Tech Fellowship’s core pillars of professional development, he interviewed with his current host company Angie’s List.

Today, he works as an Android developer with the Angie’s List mobile team, responsible for innovating and improving on three different public mobile apps with a user base spreading across the nation.

“I have expanded my knowledge on Android architecture as well as UX best practices,” Tylor says about his current position. “Everyone has a phone in their pocket. Mobile apps are the most convenient way to engage with companies, and they’re not going away anytime soon.”

Outside of work, Tylor can often be found chowing down on a chicken sandwich at the Eagle on Mass Ave and working on side projects through the Fellowship. Currently, he is involved in a project supporting the United Way of Central Indiana nonprofit organization, and last month he and 2017 Xtern Michael Vieck won first place at the Indy Civic Hack.

Post Tech Fellowship, Tylor sees himself embarking on his own startup journey.

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