Myles Grote and Kevin MacCauley, co-founders of Sports software company Upper Hand, invited me to tour their new offices on the third floor of the Morrison Opera Building in downtown Indianapolis. The historic building is home to Hard Rock Cafe, digital marketing firm Raidious, the new downtown Speak Easy, and now a unique sporting themed office space that’s home base for Upper Hand.

From the moment you step off the elevator you can tell there’s something different about the space. The doorway for Upper Hand opens to a small, hardwood-style basketball court as you pass by a wall emblazoned with logos of national media outlets that have written about the sporting business management and automation platform. The company’s signature green color throughout the space is energizing and surprisingly complements the exposed red-brick walls and warm, well-word hardwoods and rafters.

UpperHandTour_FI2 UpperHandTour_FI3

Upper Hand’s little touches include a conference room named the “press box” and most of the staff team works in an open concept area dubbed “the bullpen.” Of course, a standard-looking set of silver-metal bleachers double as a waiting area and gathering spot.

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