As technology constantly causes shifts and disruptions in every industry, it’s no wonder tech companies have to adapt all parts of their businesses to reflect the pace and journey of the core tech product. This constant iteration in innovation has drastically disrupted marketing. Doug Karr, CEO of DK New Media, sees this shift first-hand.

DK New Media provides marketing and technology services that range from mobile app development to big data analytics and enterprise search engine optimization. “Over the last decade, we continued to see our customers focused on the execution of their marketing efforts, but not the research, strategy, and optimization of them. With budget and attention always focused on the next tweet, the next email, the next article, the next press release, the next video, or the next ‘insert shiny thing here’, they were so busy working on getting stuff that they neglected actually ensuring that-that stuff worked,” said Karr.

Karr realized that the Agile methodology used by software developers could be applied to marketing. The trend of agile marketing is not new, but reading how software developers use agile and trying to apply the same processes to marketing might make you scratch your head.

“As an agency focused on cross-media optimization, it was frustrating to see DK New Media clients focused on output instead of outcomes. We wanted a graphic that provided a simple representation of a very complex journey into marketing. The output was the tip of the iceberg, while the rest of our effort wasn’t visible. This infographic provides insight into the complexity of marketing and the process that should be involved to deliver a positive return on your marketing investment,” said Karr.