Collecting more than 300,000 user reviews of experiences with software products, G2 Crowd knows what it takes to be a top company in B2B tech. Recently, G2 Crowd released a report detailing the state of B2B technology in Indianapolis, capturing information on Indy as a community and how tech fits into it. The report covers some of the history of tech in Indy and provides resources for startups (TechPoint included). Of greatest interest is the list of top B2B tech companies in Indy, which represent the top-rated products based in the Indy market in 2018.

Several TechPoint members made the list as top B2B tech companies: OneCause, Formstack, Sigstr, Delivra, and PERQ. These top rankings reflect companies that have the most satisfied product users. Some of our member companies shared how they felt about being included in this report:


OneCause is honored to be #2 on the G2 Crowd report, The state of B2B Tech in Indianapolis in 2018, with so many Indy tech leaders. We utilize G2 Crowd to leverage social data and reviews, to set us apart in the nonprofit software space. The real-time customer feedback about our software, service and support, helps our sales team drive new business and customer retention. We know 85 percent of tech consumers read reviews before purchasing; G2 Crowd gives buyers a public platform, while giving us behind-the-scenes insight and visibility into the early buyer’s wants and needs.

As indicated in the report, we too believe the Indy tech scene is thriving. Businesses talk about creating synergies and innovation centers; that’s the crossroads the Indianapolis tech community brings together. We have access to top talent, bold ideas, high-level execution and strong community. For the last decade, the city has been instrumental to our success, helping OneCause build, grow and scale. We are proud to be a part of the momentum and growing emergence as a tech hub.  —
Steve Johns, OneCause CEO


Formstack’s team members are agile problem solvers committed to delivering a high-quality product and outstanding customer experience. It’s exciting to see our customers take to G2 Crowd to share their satisfaction. Knowing that our platform solves a wide range of business complexities – and our customers enjoy using it – reinforces our commitment. We’re proud to maintain an average customer satisfaction rating of 97 percent and will soon offer 24/7 email support coverage. In 2017, Formstack also received the SaaS Award for “Best Product for Productivity” and a 2017 G2Crowd distinction as “Best Forms Automation Software.”

Being identified as a market leader in such a talented lineup of Indy tech companies is a tremendous honor. We look forward to sustained momentum in 2018. — Chris Byers, CEO


We’re very proud and grateful to be a part of the stellar lineup of Indy tech companies included in this report. It’s awesome to see so much growth and activity around our city, and organizations like G2 Crowd are showcasing Indy tech more and more. — Justin Keller, VP of Marketing


We’re honored to be recognized as one of the highest-rated B2B software products from our clients who use our solution every day to increase online engagement and sales. There is a no higher recognition! We always focus on the consumer experience, because we know that is what provides results for our customers. Providing an online guided shopping solution that puts the consumer in control and makes the customer’s website their best salesperson has proven results.

Through our solution, which includes assessments, calculators, appointment schedulers and shopping tools, our customers see 3 to 8 times more leads from our technology and a 10 to 15 percent increase in those leads converting to sales. Our software solution provides value for our customers and theirs. — Andy Medley, President and Co-Founder

The report covers many of the B2B software companies in the city along with their full list. You can see the full list and the other facts and figures in the G2 Crowd Report.