Technology companies need a balanced team of makers, marketers and managers to be successful.

Expert sales trainer and TechPoint Sales Bootcamp lead Matt Nettleton says “It’s great if you can manage it, awesome if you can make it, but if you can’t sell it, you’re going nowhere. We’ve got a great community of people who are doing really cool things in tech. They are making all of these products and coming up with lots of ideas, but sales is the engine for all of these companies. It doesn’t matter how cool their idea is, every company runs on sales. Getting companies to understand their business model and create paying customers is the key to any successful business.”

TechPoint partnered with PERQ to share this infographic that explains how you can transition your traditional outside sales skills to strategic inside sales skills. If you are brand new to sales, this infographic will help you learn about the culture, career path and compensation opportunities within strategic inside sales.

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Tech's Transition to Strategic Inside Sales Infographic