“Reporting live, I’m Corey Trojanowski. Now back to you.” This was a common phrase of mine in my last line of work. If you can believe it, I was a television news reporter. Far away from dashboards, insights and most certainly email marketing software. Today, a common phrase I use working as a digital marketer at a marketing software company is “How can we improve?”

Five years ago, I decided to leave a television news broadcasting career to pursue something that’s always intrigued me marketing. I was already telling stories to people on the news, so telling the story of a product or service wasn’t a far career jump for me. While learning the digital marketing ropes, I became intrigued by the power of marketing automation and the channel of email marketing. It was this specialization eventually led to a digital marketing role at Delivra, a top email marketing and marketing automation service provider.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketers are the electronic voice of a brand. We manage and oversee strategy on all digital channels and are responsible for creating a dialogue that reaches potential customers and shows them the value of our service offerings. It’s my responsibility to use channels such as the internet, email, social media, SEO and display advertising to generate new clicks and, if everything goes to plan, new customers.

Simply put, I’m tasked with using the internet to show why Delivra’s software and award-winning customer service is superior to other email providers.  

Interacting in a Technical Company

I can tap dance my way through HTML, but as someone with non-technical background working in a technical field and company, I often see problems and solutions very differently than my team. This unique vantage point allows me to critically evaluate our successes and failures and think outside of the box in order to develop new campaign strategy and software enhancements for our clients.

I communicate with our developers and technical team almost daily to ensure that our users are getting the absolute most out of our product, are aware of updates and are using the software to its fullest ability.  By working in tandem with the product development team, we’re able to gauge whether our customers are getting a meaningful return on their investment.

Digital Strategy Changes Quickly

Email and social media platforms are changing all the time.  As a marketer, I need to be aware of how these platforms are being updated, why they’re updated and what this means for email marketers and our potential customers. For example, Gmail recently launched an update for its app that allows users to retract an email. Because Gmail has more than 900 million users, this is an enormous update in the world of email marketing that may impact the way that clients use our software. The responsibility is on me to make both our customers and potential customers aware of the change and let them know that our support team is available to speak with them about how this may change the strategy of their email campaigns.

When big shifts like this occur, the entire Delivra team always comes together to discuss how this impacts our industry and more importantly, how we can best serve our customers moving forward.

The Tools of the Trade

We eat our own dog food, so to speak. By using our own proprietary email marketing platform to send emails and measure success, we have unparalleled access to the best analytics in email marketing.

These metrics include open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, forward rates and more. Our software allows us to get a detailed look at a contact’s journey after they click an email, helping me to accurately measure the seriousness of our prospects.

In addition to our own software, we also utilize Google Analytics to analyze web traffic and Unbounce to optimize our landing pages. We’ve also tied our software to our CRM, allowing us to track leads through drip campaigns.

Measuring success

As a marketer, if you’re not testing your own content, you’re blind to what resonates with customers. A/B testing allows me to learn what does and does not get our prospects to convert into Delivra customers. It’s this flexibility that allows us to stay ahead of important updates and measure our own successes and shortcomings.

Anytime that we can increase engagement, use email to generate new customers or just take another look at our project, we’re happy with the results.  

Reporting live on the career of a digital marketer working for a marketing software company, I’m Corey Trojanowski. Now back to you.