To college student ears, TechPoint’s Xtern program almost sounds too good be true. Although it’s only the second year for the program, Xtern is what other summer internship programs should aspire to be like (in my non-biased opinion as an Xtern myself).

The program recruits and places tech-skilled students pursuing computer science degrees in paid internships with host companies around Indianapolis – a tech talent pipeline. Xterns live together downtown in apartments on the IUPUI campus and enjoy events like hackathons, “tech talks” with tech leaders, camp outs, crash courses on programming languages, and volunteer teaching and other philanthropic opportunities.

Class size has more than doubled from last year to a total of 107 for this summer. The Xterns come from 20 colleges and universities around the country, with graduation dates ranging from 2015 to 2018. They are working at 36 different host companies, including familiar Indy tech and tech-enabled employers like Apparatus, TinderBox, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Eli Lilly and Company, Angie’s List, Interactive Intelligence and

Here’s a photo essay look at the class of 2015’s kickoff weekend. Check out even more pictures from Xtern move-in and kickoff weekend on Facebook.


Steven Doolan beams at his "pro-level" set up.

Noah Drabinsky snuggles with his Xtern blanket.


Xtern home for the summer — at IUPUI Townhomes & Riverwalk Apartments.

XtermWelcomeHMost of the Xtern class of 2015!

Ben Wencke, Chelsie Kasun and Ryan Green share a laugh during orientation.




When ice breaker games go wrong ...




See more photos from Xtern move-in and kickoff weekend on Facebook.