Born in Anderson, Indiana, Nathan knew from a very early age that he was interested in becoming a software engineer.

“I remember in 6th grade we were asked to fill out a form that asked for one thing we would like to accomplish that year. I wrote ‘create a website’. Learning more about Indiana’s tech community has led me to pursue software development as a career.”

Nathan did not stray from his Indiana roots after high school, choosing Anderson University to advance his journey to becoming a software engineer. His desire to solve advanced problems for users led him to pursue a double degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

“I love creating software because I love both solving problems and creating things. To me, being a software developer means analyzing a user’s problem and coming up with a solution that enables them to accomplish something they couldn’t before. I really enjoy creating something that is new and enabling people to be more effective.”

During his time at Anderson University, Nathan took full advantage of extra-curricular opportunities that presented themselves, including three internships: one at Fathom Voice, (now Sharpen,) and two at Interactive Intelligence. Each experience showed Nathan what to expect from a corporate software development role.

His second internship at Interactive Intelligence was through TechPoint’s Xtern initiative, which offered him a community of friends and included downtown housing that allowed him to become more familiar with what Indy had to offer him after graduation.

Nathan gained broad experiences in each internship role that he used to help him transition into his first full-time position as the first Indy Tech Fellow at Interactive Intelligence, recently acquired by Genesys.

Nathan’s current role as an Associate Software Engineer allows him to support Interactive Intelligence’s testing efforts by developing tools and support systems that testers use.


What was your impression of Indianapolis prior to the fellowship?

Coming into the Indy Tech Fellowship I would say that I viewed Indy as a place with many opportunities in its tech community. I was able to be a part of the Xtern program the summer prior to starting the fellowship and that really shaped my impression of the city.

What about the Indy Tech Fellowship program appealed to you?

One thing that really attracted me was the opportunity to be part of a community of people who are passionate about technology and building software. The chance to enhance technical and business skills as well as to give back to the community were and are really exciting.

Tell us about your 9-to-5 Indy Tech Fellowship experience. What skills (workplace, business or technical) have you learned?

In the workplace I’ve continued to expand upon my technical knowledge, but have really enjoyed expanding my ability to communicate with stakeholders and come up with effective solutions to their needs.

How did you hear about the Indy Tech Fellowship?

I heard about the Tech Fellowship through my involvement in the Xtern program. I had a great experience with Xtern and was definitely interested in building upon that experience.

What do you do outside of the 9-to-5?

I’ve enjoyed having time to cook more and running outside when the weather is warmer. There are quite a few music venues in the Indy area, and it’s been great to be able to check out what they have to offer.

How does Indianapolis compare to Anderson?

Anderson was a really formative place for me, but is certainly a much smaller community. There is not an extensive tech industry around the Anderson area, so it has been a good experience join the Indy community.

What is Indy’s competitive advantage in attracting young talent?

Indy’s competitive advantage in attracting young talent is the degree to which the tech community is willing to invest in those starting out. I can really see a spirit of helpfulness and generosity manifested in my experiences so far.

What is your favorite Indy food?

A corned beef sandwich from Shapiro’s

What’s on your must-see and must-do lists?

One of my must-sees would be the Kurt Vonnegut Library, but that’s just my obsession with Vonnegut talking. I would have to recommend the annual Indy Jazz Festival; they are able to bring in some great artists to perform at venues around the city.

Where do you see yourself at the end of the fellowship?

I definitely see myself in the Indy area, and I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent with Interactive so far. I see myself more equipped to solve the business and technical problems that Indy companies are facing.

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