Keep an eye out Indy — the next generation of tech builders and revenue drivers are joining the ranks at over 50 local tech companies with more on the way this summer. College students and new grads have joined Central Indiana’s tech scene in the quest to enhance their skills and work with our growing technology companies.

In just a few short years, TechPoint’s college-to-career talent programs have exploded in popularity and growth. The demand for skilled talent coupled with interest from students and new grads led us to develop even more new programs that meet the needs of both individuals and tech companies.

In total, TechPoint has created four distinct programs addressing talent needs for our community:

  • Xtern — a 10-week internship program for tech-skilled college students
  • Xtern Bootcamp — a 10-week training program for high potential tech-skilled college students
  • Sales Bootcamp — a 6-week training program for new grads and career changers
  • IndyX Tech Fellowship — a 2-year program for tech-skilled new grads


Xtern is a highly-competitive recruitment platform that attracts tech-skilled college students to Central Indiana through a full-time, 10-week summer internship that includes housing, professional networking, skills development and community service. Students live in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, establish valuable professional connections throughout the city, and make lasting friendships with other Xterns from around the country.

The program has grown significantly, launching with 50 students in 2014, 108 students in 2015, and 130 students this summer (2016). More than 900 students from 58 universities applied to be part of the 2016 Xtern class.

Students leave the program with an increased positive opinion of Central Indiana as a potential career path post-graduation. Prior to their internships, 22 percent said they would consider a career in Indy after graduation. After their internships, that number rose to 98 percent. Follow the Xtern’s on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see them in action as they become immersed in Indy’s tech and civic community.


Knowing there is an ever growing need for entry level full-time technical talent, Xtern Bootcamp builds off the success of the Xtern program. It’s designed for in-state college students who are pursuing computer-related degrees but have not yet had on-the-job experience within the industry. Xtern Bootcamp equips campers with relevant skills they need to land their dream jobs in software development, product management and other tech careers.

Xtern Bootcamp was launched as a 10-week training program in 2016, with 26 rising college juniors and seniors. Campers will attend in-classroom learning experiences offered by Fretless, our education partner, in addition to professional development workshops and soft skills training.


While tech companies are in need of developers and programmers to build product, there also is a strong need for people who can sell that products to fuel business growth. Not only is sales one of the most in-demand jobs among Central Indiana tech companies, it is one of the fastest paths to career acceleration and compensation growth for new grads and career changers, yet many don’t know to pursue sales as a career.

TechPoint is introducing Sales Bootcamp, a 6-week summer experience designed to provide participants with a first-hand look inside the work environment at several area companies, and help new college graduates or career changers quickly ramp up to be high-potential salespeople.

Outside of the workday, Sales Bootcampers will get some of the same great perks provided to participants in TechPoint’s Xtern and Tech Fellowship programs; perks like provided housing and incredible social experiences taking in Indianapolis with new friends met during Sales Bootcamp.

tp-indyx-tech-fellowship-logo-v2 (1)

TechPoint is launching the IndyX Tech Fellowship, a two-year program for new grads, crafted to build upon the Xtern program to place developers, designers, and product managers with leading companies where they can hone their skills, fast-track their careers, and impact our community.

During their two-year career commitment, Tech Fellows will receive access to professional networking, skills development, and retreats similar to the Xtern program, with a goal of new grads deciding to choose Indy for their long term tech careers. Hear from Michael Hockerman, a former Xtern and current Tech Fellow, who chose Indy over San Francisco for his career in tech, or learn about how Ryan Green’s tech internships led him to join this year’s class of Tech Fellows. 

Know someone who should apply for one of TechPoint’s talent programs? Contact and our talent team will be in touch. Follow TechPoint on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to to read profiles of students who are seeing Indy for the first time, learn about how Indy’s tech companies are excelling thanks to their summer talent, and stay up-to-date on timelines for applications and recruitment of next year’s wave of talent.