Indy is at it again, gaining national recognition as a fast-growing tech hub. Fast Company magazine named Indianapolis #6 on “The Next Top 10 Cities for Tech Jobs” list. We already knew this city was doing great things, but it is great to see others recognize it as well!

Our recent Central Indiana Tech Workforce Study showed the following results in terms of the tech sector’s continued rapid growth:

  • From 2009-2014 computer and IT jobs grew by 17%, which is more than double the 8% growth rate of all occupations.
  • Central Indiana gained 5000+ computer and IT jobs during this period.
  • Over the past four years there was a 54.5% increase in computer and IT job postings in Central Indiana –10,628 total computer and IT job postings in 2014.

The article discusses the fact that technology graduates used to automatically assume that their first jobs would be on one of the coasts. This is now shifting as more cities outside of Silicon Valley, New York or Los Angeles have ample tech career opportunities.

It may be a bit cheesy to put it this way, but graduates need to ask themselves if they want to be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond.

The 10 growing cities listed all give young talent the chance to make a splash and grow their careers quicker than they would have opportunity to on the coasts. The more established major tech cities already have large collections of tech rock stars who tend to dominate their communities. Indianapolis and the other cities listed have younger tech scenes that are still changing and shaping themselves constantly, which offers more room for young tech talent to shine.

The list was originally created by ZipRecruiter and according to Fast Company, “The website tracked hiring patterns to determine which cities were increasing job listing in the tech industry at the fastest rate, and which have the highest volume of tech jobs compared against other industries.”

Here is what they had to say about Indianapolis:


Indianapolis has emerged as an ideal city for young professionals looking for an affordable home and a strong work/life balance. The city boasts three Fortune 500 companies—Eli Lilly and Company, Anthem Inc. and Simon Property Group—as well as a number of major sporting events.

Total Tech Jobs Open: 28,370
Top Five Tech Jobs: Senior java developer, infrastructure architect, java developer, operations manager, and net developer
Major Colleges: Butler University, Marian University
Median Rent: $1,050
Recreation and Culture: Carmel Arts and Design District, Monon Trail, 100,000 acres of parkland, and White River

Indianapolis was among the top cities in job openings and had one of the lower-cost median rents, both of which are very appealing to new college graduates. With our vibrant downtown growing, new urban areas revitalizing every day, and hip new restaurants popping up like frozen yogurt shops did a few years ago, Indianapolis is most definitely becoming a highly desirable location for post-grads — especially those in tech fields!

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