As the year 2017 comes to a close, we’re hearing about how it was a record-breaking year for job growth and job creation in Fishers and Indianapolis and other communities in the Greater Indy area, and a great many of these jobs are tech jobs.

Tech is a hot field nationally with high-paying roles covering many disciplines, but exactly which jobs were the hot tech jobs of 2017 for the Greater Indianapolis area?

TechPoint’s Job Board is a great trend barometer with over 500 local companies posting 1,237 job openings so far in 2017, with almost a month left to go. A survey of these jobs gives us a sense of which jobs are in high demand in the area.

It’s important to note that the opportunities in tech aren’t limited to technical roles. We call them jobs-in-tech and they include open positions in sales, marketing, finance, human resources and more.

In fact, tech sales jobs were the third-most posted jobs on the TechPoint Job Board in 2017, with 170 openings — third only to Software/Product Development (369) and IT/Infrastructure (220) positions. Technical/Customer Support jobs came in fourth with 101 openings in 2017.

Hottest Jobs-in-Tech Categories for the Greater Indianapolis Area for 2017:

  1. 369 – Software/Product Development
  2. 220 – IT/Infrastructure
  3. 170 – Sales
  4. 101 – Technical/Customer Support

Coming in with the most openings for the year, the Software/Product Development category included a wide variety of titles and of varying skills levels from 0-2 years up to 9+ years. The top titles for the category are software developer, application developer, software engineer, full stack developer/engineer, Java and SQL developer/engineer, and Salesforce consultant/developer. Be sure to check the Job Board for other specialty titles including different languages and platforms in demand.

Among the IT/Infrastructure openings, devops engineer, systems engineer and network administrator were the top job titles advertised.

While Sales category jobs-in-tech did include many entry level jobs, Indianapolis area companies are also on the search for sales pros with significant experience (9+ years) including titles like VP of sales, regional VP, and Sales Director.

As it has nationally, customer success roles have grown in Indianapolis too in the Technical/Customer Support category of the Job Board. These titles include client/customer success manager and director and numerous account executive roles with customer success-related descriptions.

Indiana tech companies can post open positions on the TechPoint Job Board, but first they must submit some basic information for the TechPoint Tech Directory.

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