The second 6-week Sales Bootcamp just wrapped up operations at the end of March, which means area tech companies now have a great group of talented, up-and-coming new sales professionals who are generating leads, bringing in revenue, and growing our tech ecosystem.

TechPoint launched the inaugural Sales Bootcamp in June 2016 with 17 new grads and career changers. Since the completion of the program, all 17 received full-time job offers. Given the success of the program, we chose to launch another Sales Bootcamp in January 2017 with 20 participants.

Applications for the next Sales Bootcamp in June are available now.

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During the 6-week bootcamp, participants received Sandler Sales Training from sales expert Matt Nettleton prior to joining three tech companies for mini-internships. After the participants completed each rotating internship, they interviewed with the tech companies who hosted them and 16 other Indy tech companies who are hiring for sales talent.

The results? At Delivra, the participants scheduled 45 meetings and demos for the company’s Business Development Managers in just one week. They also tracked 27 warm calls for their Sales Development Representative teams. At PERQ, the participants set 82 meetings and demos, called into three different markets, and cleansed over 1,600 contacts in two weeks. And at Angie’s List, participants spent hours with sales leadership to understand enterprise sales tactics and learn how to sell the Angie’s List product.

Company Feedback

Rob Vaughan

Rob VaughanEVP Sales & Services

“The Sales Bootcamp Interview was a great experience.  The candidates had just completed a six-week round robin training session with three local technology firms.  Each organization gave them a slightly different experience, which helped them to be more prepared to meet with the participating interview day organizations.

“I think what was most valuable for me was that these candidates were prepared to interview for two of our most critical openings.  The fact that I could assemble at one location and interview 10-12 fairly qualified candidates was great. As a result of that day, we have extended an offer to one of them.” — Rob Vaughn, Vice President, Business Development at PolicyStat

Kenzie Handley

Kenzie HandleyBusiness Development Repsentative

“We thoroughly enjoyed participating as a host company for the TechPoint Sales Bootcamp. As this was our first time participating, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect but can 100 pecent say that any expectations we had were blown out of the water. The participants came to us eager to learn and were not afraid to jump on the phones.

“We even re-evaluated some of our internal sales processes and made changes because of the success of the Bootcamp and more specifically because of the participants themselves. All around great program put on by TechPoint to provide participants an opportunity to learn about the tech industry and a chance to meet some of those tech companies.” Kenzie Handley, Sales Development Representative Team Lead at Delivra

Participant Feedback

“Sales Bootcamp was totally life changing for me. Making connections within tech companies and learning sales tactics from Matt gave me the skills I need to pursue a long term career in sales. I was terrified before this program and now I feel prepared and ready to take on the world of tech.” — Olivia Cloer, recent grad, now employed at PERQ

“I couldn’t even get an interview in tech before bootcamp. I now sit in a position where tech companies across Indianapolis are not only willing to offer me positions but at a higher level than the bootcamp program was intended for. The last 6 weeks completely changed my life.” Cornelius George, Career Changer, now employed at Rook Security

“This experience was outstanding. It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people. It helped me reset my career path onto a more promising path. Everyone we came in contact with was so eager to help us. Not only did I grow professionally but also personally. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me another chance to have a successful future.” Giavonna Lombardo, Career Changer, now employed at SteadyServ Technologies

Interested in joining the next Sales Bootcamp session? Complete your online application today or contact for more information.