Indianapolis is one of the 10 “sneaky-great cities all college seniors should consider if they want to work in tech.” That’s the conclusion DataFox made in a new rankings report released today putting Indianapolis in second place behind Reston, Va.

2. Indianapolis, IN

Like Reston, Indianapolis offers a vibrant community that’s affordable with an entry-level tech salary. The city stands out for two reasons: its low cost of living, and the quality of its business’ leadership. Indianapolis’ startups have the strong management to develop young talent, and the influence to provide introductions for second and third jobs out of college. The city is fully committed to developing talent, supporting initiatives like the Global Cities Exchange and Plan 2020. With a less congested atmosphere than New York or San Francisco, an ambitious graduate can catch the eye of a mentor who can accelerate her career. Indianapolis offers learning opportunities and clear growth paths for people entering its growing tech scene.


It’s no secret that everyday life can be very expensive for new graduates striking out on their own. But four-figure rents for housing — up to $2,000 a month in some cities like New York or San Francisco — can be hard to swallow, especially when those student loan payments kick in.

In its rankings, DataFox stresses that affordability cannot be overstated, but they also highlight something Indy residents will find all too familiar.

“Cities with a collaborative rather than cutthroat mentality provide opportunities to find mentors, grow new skills and build a durable network.”

Indianapolis is known for its tight-knit tech and startup community where entrepreneurs are much more likely to cheer each other on rather than participate in any kind of zero-sum game or root for competitors to fail. It’s commonplace for Indy tech leaders to come together at industry events to collaborate and share information — even among competitors — and that’s just something that doesn’t happen on the coasts.

DataFox is a San Francisco-based lead intelligence platform for sales and research professionals. They analyzed data from more than 11,000 companies using name recognition, financial stability, mentorship and growth opportunities as metrics to arrive at their list of 10 Cities that are Secretly Great for Tech Grads.

Developing Talent & Helping Job Seekers

College students and new grads who are interested in learning more about working in tech in Indianapolis should look into TechPoint’s Xtern and IndyX Tech Fellowship programs.


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IndyX Tech Fellowship is a two-year career launch-pad placing new tech grads with fast-growing, community-minded tech and tech-enabled companies.


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